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>Don't forget that they are also very successful at keeping T-shirts with
>blinky lights off of planes.

She was a smug, typical "I know better than you, silly government worker" college student (MIT no less) who HAD TO KNOW she was going to cause a problem for herself...

IIRC, she wasn't getting on a plane, she was meeting someone at Logan Airport after she and all her geeky friends had some sort of tech costume party (she "forgot" she had something with clay, wires, a breadboard, batteries and lights on her chest as she walked through apublic place?)...

That whole thin was, IMHO, a desperate cry for attention, fueled in part by the LED panel debacle in Boston (for the Cartoon Network promotion).

Link: http://www.boingboing.net/2007/09/21/mit-student-arrested.html


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