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Fri Mar 28 10:08:57 CDT 2008

> I don't understand. Do you think that the only thing they can do is
> to have cleaners hide box cutters? In the late 1990's a Pakastani
> tested a binary explosive built on the airplane bomb in the Philipines.
> He was stopped because he pissed off the superintendent of his apartment
> building who called the police on him. He escaped out the window 
> as they were banging on his door. If he had not been stopped he would
> brought U.S. flights to Asia to a stop for weeks if not months.
> He later resurfaced last summer with a much larger plot to blow up
> airplanes over the Atlantic ocean. He of course, was not caught and
> will do it again. He used common electronic entertainment equipment
> and binary explosives smuggled in baby bottles, etc.
> Then there were the London 7/7 bus bombings. 
> If there were similar plots, and I'm sure there were they were stopped
> because the U.S. government was not as lax as the English.
> You also have the problem of 12 million illegal Mexican immegrants.
> If one in a million decides to yell "viva Pancho Villa", or something
> like that, and start shooting or blowing themselves up, the U.S. will
> be in a panic. 

That's what some people in the government want, panic, so they can erode
out rights.  The so-called Patriot Act has elements that the FBI had 
wanted for years but couldn't get because they violated the Conastitution.
After 9/11, the fools in Congress allowed these parts to be passed.
Some only look at the one in a million who could do something rather than 
the 999,999 that don't.  Yeah, I know it takes only one.  Remember, one
plane was stopped by unarmed citizens and I think that now, they would 
have a tougher time than in 2001 if they tried the same stunt without
the government intervention.

> > Thus, I argue, there is no need for all this government thuggery.  The
> > problem is minimal, and I believe, now that people realize that being
> > hijacked doesn't necessarily just mean an unplanned detour through Cuba,
> > can be dealt with by the flying public.
> Only to the point that they may stop one or two hijackings. After that,
> or if there are rash of successfull bombings people will stop flying.
> The problem is that you look at it through your system of values and
> ethics. The terrorists come from a sect of Islam which teaches that you
> can do anything to further the religion as long as it is against people
> outside of it. You can cheat, lie, steal, kill, etc. 

It's not limited to just an Islamic sect.  There are many others who feel
they same way.


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