[rescue] Question of how to "smooth" power from Laser printer

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Fri Mar 28 00:21:52 CDT 2008

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> On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 6:06 PM, Curious George
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> >  I use solid core wooden doors (*un* drilled).
> Why undrilled?  The ones drilled for a doorknob (and
> optional
> deadbolt) have built-in passage for cables and
> cords.

Doors are tyically 80 inches tall.  Doorknobs are
usually about 3 ft from one end.  I.e., not centered.
So, things on one end of the "table" end up with
an extra foot of wire needed to get *to* the hole
(compared to those items on the other end).

I mount outlet strips on the underside of the door
and let the power cables run off the back *edge*
of the table and then *up* into the power strips.
Keeps that much of the cable off the floor, etc.

I've found it easier to leave space behind the
table than *through* the table.  E.g., for my
primary workspace, I have power cords for two
monitors, a SCSI disk enclosure and a film
scanner.  I also have the four video cables
for the monitors (I have dual-header on two
machines with those two monitors), the SCSI
cables for the scanner and disk enclosure.

Then, the USB cables for the microphone, joystick,
PDA and audio mixer/preamp.  Plus the serial
cable for the SpaceBall and digitizing tablet.

Plus the wall wart cables to the PDA charger and
audio mixer.  And, of course, keyboard and mice

I.e., you end up having a hard time funneling all
of those cables through a single hole -- especially
when the connectors on some of those cables (power)
are pretty large.

<shrug>  YMMV.

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