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" Sandwich Maker wrote:
" > " 
" > " Don't get me started on the Crusades.  The Crusades were a Christian 
" > " Jihad.
" > 
" > without question, but they were provoked by a moslem - the sultan of
" > egypt decided to close jerusalem and the holy land to infidels.  the
" > historical record [crusades aside] suggests the sultan may not have
" > been completely balanced.
" Yes, yes, but when one starts to believe that another needs to die to 
" satisfy the wishes or will of God, the larger battle has already been lost.

can't argue with you there.  the sad thing is that so many religions -
in the west, anyway - are exclusive.  the early greek development of
agnosticism was stimulated by the observation that every religion
proclaimed that all the others were wrong.  [so the greeks thought
what if all were wrong?]  and i really believe that the church of
rome is the -second-empire- of rome, with power and control uppermost
on its agenda.  why else to demand celibacy among priests, if not to
ensure undivided loyalty to the church [note: not to -god-]?

i heard something recently suggesting that jesus' famous advice to
turn the other cheek wasn't nonviolent.  turning the other cheek, in
the turn of the era holy land, would force your opponent to strike you
straight on as an equal, not backhanded as a superior to an inferior.
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