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Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Thu Mar 27 13:22:08 CDT 2008

*clatter* *clank* *ratchet* *DING!* Message from: Joshua Boyd. Shall I
*bzzt**crackle* dispatch the *pop!* robotic Richard Simmons sir?
> On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 11:45:57AM -0400, William Enestvedt wrote:
>>    Pfft -- those trains aren't a cure-all, either.
> Certainly not.  Taking a train to the west coast, or even Chicago would
> be insane.

It depends entirely on how fast a train that is.  A reliable and fast
non-stop train from East<->Midwest or West<->Midwest would be quite
acceptable.  The trick is that it has to be fast, safe, and non-stop.

Then from there change to a local train if necessary.  Much less hassle
than flying.

I say call in some Japanese engineers with federal funding. ;-)

> Takeing the train from Lancaster to NYC does not save time or money.  At
> least not directly.  Long term it probably saves both time and money by
> helping to reduce the cost of future medical issues by reducing stress
> now.

I could seriously reduce my stress if I could take the train every day. 
In fact the only thing stopping me is the fact that there's no actual stop
in the town I work in - bizarrely the train goes right through and stops
in the next town over.  Not far but then I'd have to find transportation
for a couple miles.  An electric bike might do it but I'm not sure how bad
I'd look at 5' 7", 260lbs, necktie flapping in the wind. *chuckle*

>>    It would have been nice to be able to nap, though, or read, instead
>> of looking at Connecticut. :7)
> Absolutely.

I'd _love_ that extra planning/writing/resting/thought time.

> And while you can buy an inverter for the car, the train already
> provides power jacks (both of which, car and train, are superior to
> planes that way, at least the planes I've been on).

I did not know this.  I'm kind of surprised.

Mike Hebel
See with eyes unclouded, think with mind uncluttered, act with heart

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