[rescue] Question of how to "smooth" power from Laser printer

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Thu Mar 27 13:19:40 CDT 2008

Well I should have provided a bit more detail.  The laser is this little
And it's only the startup surge if it's gone into sleep mode that causes the
problem.  I've seen larger lasers require a separate circuit, but I didn't
see this type of problem with the ol' Apple Laserwriters I've used.

And, yes  the laser printer initially wasn't on any UPS.  It got
unintentionally put on one when it got move (though I took it off as soon as
I noticed it was....)  But even so, it wasn't on the same UPS as the other
systems which browned out.   I'm thinking that it's  old power supplies that
couldn't handle the change.

I've got 6 or so smaller UPS in the room now covering various things.   A
500 for the Mac Mini, monitor and airport.   A  900 for the systems on the
rack aside from the large Sun's... not looking for long run time,just enough
to keep the PC's, switches and KVM stuff up over short brown and black
outs... It's just 3 PC's, 2 SS10's, a small switch and KVM...and I'm not
expecting to boot all this on battery power.   I've tested this UPS and it
seemed to handle it's load when the cord was pulled from the wall...so I
would have thought it would have handled this "surge".  I've got an APC
Smart UPS 1000 VA that needs new batteries which will be used for the larger
Sun systems ultimately.  I would like to get something larger to handle
everything, but money, space and wife have never aligned to do so...but
those 3 might have lined up with the new room arrangement.  I see a trip to
Fry's/Microcenter this weekend....8-)

Can someone refresh my memory on the good place to get cheaper replacement
batteries for an APC Smart UPS? (I believe someone mentioned it before... )

The printer didn't trip anything on the UPS it was plugged itno.  It was
stuff on the 900 UPS...(it was some older SS10's...didn't touch most of the
stuff, just one of those and an old external drive... ).
In the past the printers were on a different circuit (there are two in the
room...)   Everything worked ok when I had it isolated that way....though I
did see a overhead light that was on the same circuit dim a tad.  I have
been thinking about upgrading the circuits...with whatever I could do
without running run new wire.. cause it's 2 floors and a long run from the
circuit panel...ugh!   When brother-in-law who's an electrician comes to
visit we'll do what we can.   I'd really hate to have to run another circuit
just for this laser .

So, an isolation transformer like this :
http://www.tripplite.com/products/product.cfm?productID=226 would prevent
this?  (are there other places to get one of these, or is this about what
I'm going to have to pay for this?)


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