[rescue] Question of how to "smooth" power from Laser printer

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Thu Mar 27 11:30:36 CDT 2008

Hey, got a question that popped up after I got stuff moved into my new
rack... I don't know if I mentioned that I was going to (and how have) built
a desk using the 4 posts that had made up the old rack -- found the Atlanta
Fixture store -- a restaurant supply place, where you can pick up table tops
that won't flex, reasonably priced... better if you're willing to take the
floor sample, which I was..   So, got a desk top that's basically got 4 - 7
foot tall legs... which results in more 1/2 deep  rack space... shelves fit
on either side, and don't cause any head danger or problems as long as
they're high enough.   So I shelved the printers and scanner "above" me
now... within reach as well... and cleared off a 7 foot table which is going
to result in a lot more usable floor space.   (and yes, I'll get pictures
posted of the new rack and this desk... )  I went with a 30inch x 48inch
table top...since I was also trying to cut down on the length of the table
to allow more space to get around the rack. (they didn't have any table tops
between that size and 5-6 ft, or I would have gone a little bit bigger...
but these are just basically booth table tops so there are some standard
sizes... and I didn't want to pay the difference it would be to order a
custom one...)

ANYWAY -- The question.  In the process of moving printers I ended up moving
my small laser onto a different power circuit and now when it first kicks on
the draw down in power has caused some other machines to power cycle (at
best... at worst they just trip off...as if the power browned/blacked out).
I'm going to move around some things (i.e. put the rack on the circuit that
I pulled all the printers off... ) to resolve the problem, but even so, it's
always "dimmed" the lights when it kicks on, so to speak..   I've got it
hooked up to a UPS, but that doesn't seem to handle the surge if it's coming
from the plugged in devices (handles it if the power goes low from the
wall).   Is there any sort of device that could "augment" the power from the
wall when this type of surge occurs?



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