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>Date: 2008/03/27 Thu AM 06:06:48 CDT
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>I agree with conclusion but not the reason. With the high cost of
>gasoline, IMHO too many people are worried about being able to afford to
>drive to the nearest Wal-Mart, because they can no longer afford
>to shop at more expensive stores, let alone take a vacation.

Gas is not that bad at it's inflation-adjusted price[0], it's been worse, but 
it isn't wildly out of whack with the cost of living...

(google will turn up lots of sources, all agree that prices are high, but it 
is not *horrible* - anecdotal evidence is that demand is up, and no great 
change in lifestyle is sweeping the country, except people bitch about paying 
$3+ a gallon, but they buy just about as much gas as they did three years ago)

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