[rescue] Airport Security and Rescues...

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Wed Mar 26 19:31:00 CDT 2008

Hey everyone...

I'm in Silicon Valley for work so I made the obligatory stop into Weirdstuff.

Although overpriced on some items I found two things of interest....

1U cases with no power supply (but with fans) for $10
A cache of RED LED stoplights. $20 a piece. They had two barrels full
of them. I picked one up.

They are 110/120VAC and have wires for hot and neutral coming out the
back. Add on your $2 plug-in and you have a nifty toy.

I figure the TSA may not appreciate wires coming out the back of an
item, so I'm going to remove mine before the flight.

Anyone have nifty stories of rescues and the TSA?

Jonathan Katz -- J. Random BOFH
We all get pwned at one point or another, how we respond is what
matters. -- Gadi Evron

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