[rescue] On 'home datacentres'...

kevin at pipeline.com kevin at pipeline.com
Wed Mar 26 19:12:41 CDT 2008

I saw his Cape Coral home once and it's crazy.  The data center in the garage is full, but there's plenty to be had in the rest of the house as well.  He has more stuff in public storage units than most of us do in our entire collections.  My favorite is always the "antique" atomic clock and PDP rack in the living room.

He's since moved to a new house, haven't seen his new setup though.


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>> Just came across this 'home datacentre': http://smorris.uber-geek.net/lab.htm
>You really need to have seen Dave McGuire's home datacenter(s) in various
>houses he's had.  Think something similar to the pictures above, with less
>routers and more Crays.
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