[rescue] AlphaServer ES40 in Chicago- Anyone interested?

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Wed Mar 26 18:10:19 CDT 2008

At 04:03 PM 3/26/2008, Joshua Boyd wrote:

>I still have one of those too, although I upgraded mine with TRAM, RAM,
>a 300mhz chip, bigger and faster disk, and a PCI cage.

Yeah, I did the disk, ram, and bargain R12K CPU update too.  Still 
kicking myself for not grabbing a MENET when they were dirt cheap ($15?).

>Now the Octane sits with the servers (and is used by others for CPAN
>testing), and I have a Fuel under my desk, which is a lot faster (but
>not as cool a machine).

Didn't know you ended up getting a Fuel.  Is it any quieter than the Octane?


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