[rescue] AlphaServer ES40 in Chicago- Anyone interested?

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 16:04:40 CDT 2008

Robert Darlington wrote:
> But I have a real soft spot for SGI stuff, worthless or not, it's
> beautifully designed. They seem like, arguably, the absolute high
> point of workstation design in their era-- especially the Octanes and
> onyx. The NeXT is pretty beautifully designed too.
> Anyone here agree on either point?
> <snip>

My pick is for the Microchannel RS/6000 machines.  I've stacked the 
desktop ones 10 high and the bottom one was not having any issues.  And 
those machines aren't light.

Plus, I dig beige boxes.

Peace...  Sridhar

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