[rescue] [Rescue] Wanted: Smail Transportable Laptop

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 16:01:06 CDT 2008

hike wrote:
>>> Does anyone have a 12" laptop that they want to get rid of?     If so,
>>> please let me know off-list.
>>> A small transportable laptop is needed that will run Linux without a
>> great
>>> deal of hacking.
>>> A laptop with readily available parts would be preferred.
>>> Specs:
>>>      DDR or DDR2 memory
>>>      Maximum capacity of at least 1GB RAM
>>>           2GB max would be preferred
>>>      Wireless 11b or 11g
>>>      Able to accomdate an 80GB to 160GB hard drive
>>>      DVD/CDRW
>>>           external or internal
>>>      Very good working condition
>>>      Good/decent/working battery
>>>      AC adapter
>>>      PCMCIA/PCCard slot
>>> Shipping to zip code: 37930 or shipping on my FedEx account.
>> Exactly how many times are you going to send this message?
>> Peace...  Sridhar
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> Sorry that there are multiple copies.
> I cancelled some of the sends and gmail messaged that they were NOT sent.
> I guess I shouldn't trust a huge, evil corporation.
> I won't be so trusting again.
> Thank you for reading the messages, though!

LOL.  My pleasure.

Peace...  Sridhar

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