[rescue] AlphaServer ES40 in Chicago- Anyone interested?

Ian Finder ian.finder at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 15:13:59 CDT 2008

Oh I know. Thus the operative word "moron." It's far from quirky to
me, I guess he is just too used to PCs. I got to play with one of
those dedicated lisp machines once, a symbolics IIRC. It was pretty

the specs on the AS1200 are 2x 533 chips (EV5 I think? Whatever they
are, I know they're the fastest the chassis can take), I think a few
SCA drives between 10-20gb, and I thought the ram was 640mb. It has
graphics, though I had the stock card from the ES40 in the 1200 and
vise-versa and never changed them back around.

I have to make sure I have a junker PC to give the friend in exchange
though-- I did promise him some sort of Linux box to play with, and at
the time all I had to give was the 1200. If you can bring one, a PII
X86 would do. I might've thrown out my PIII but if I didn't we're
good, and they're easy enough to find regardless.

My journalism teacher lives in northern indiana, maybe he could take
it and you could pick it up locally too.

As to the IPX, I think it's in my crawlspace, I'll look when I get
home. I had a few lunchbox Suns last I checked, and I think the IPX in
the bunch powers on.

- F

On 3/26/08, Sridhar Ayengar <ploopster at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ian Finder wrote:
>  > If you want my old AlphaServer 1200, the moron I gave it to didn't
>  > like its quirkiness and decided he'd be better off learning on a PC,
>  > so I'm gonna give him my old PIII box, and you can have the 1200.
> An AS1200 is quirky?  I wonder what he would think if he were confronted
>  with an IBM AS/400 or a LISPM?
>  Peace...  Sridhar
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