[rescue] AlphaServer ES40 in Chicago- Anyone interested?

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If you want my old AlphaServer 1200, the moron I gave it to didn't
like its quirkiness and decided he'd be better off learning on a PC,
so I'm gonna give him my old PIII box, and you can have the 1200.

Dunno how you'd get it tho.

The old proliants are fun, albeit not obscure. That vax sounds worthwhile

While I'm at it:

Worthwhile rescues I have to keep safe before moving:

SGI Origin 200
SGI Onyx (Deskside, RE2)
SGI Onyx (Deskside, IR, 8 video)
SGI Onyx (Rack [terminator] with Sirius, RE2, Stone+Wire, Discreet Flame!)
SGI Octane
SGI Indy
Mac 128k
Mac Plus
NeXTcube (needs restorative work first)

Shit that has to go:
HP 735 - 125
HP 712 - 60
HP 68k box
Sparc IPX
Sparc LX
SunFire V20z
Google Search Appliance

So the questions are:
A) Are my choices for the cooler / rarer stuff to keep correct?
B) Will the remaining collection be any good despite its lack of diversity?
C) Anyone want the old shit? Should I part stuff out? Shoot at it for fun?

And in advance, no, I don't have HIL keyboards or mice, nor sun. My
mom threw out a box of 10 and 5 each, respectively, and left the box
of PS/2 keyboards.

Any advice with pruning the collection would be appreciated.

Also I'm going to U Washington, and probably driving up there, so if
anyone in the area wants something that could fit in the car, and can
wait till August, I can move it.

You planning on selling the V20Z or giving it away?  I'm in Minneapolis, and
I'd certainly be willing to take a drive to Chicago to pick it up if it'll
be shot at/dumpstered otherwise.  I wish I could say I was interested in the
ES40, but I've got a DS20E and a CS20 that don't see as much use as they
could, plus the girlfriend wouldn't be fond of the power bill going up again

Lack of diversity is meh.  The IRIX install media you have is worth more
than the Indy and the O2, for instance.

In all seriousness, if nobody here is interested in some of the things you
want to get rid of, I'd wager it'd all get taken off your hands at Nekochan.
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