[rescue] adding power redundancy to single power supply systems ?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Tue Mar 25 08:29:17 CDT 2008

> One trick I read about was from a company connecting a generator to the
> grid. A light bulb would be put between the gennie and the grid on each
> phase. The bulbs would then flash together at the beat frequency. The

I've heard ships and stuff (older ones) had some sort of spinning 
stroboscope wheels, and knobs. The tech would turn the knobs until the 
wheels line up or something then throw the connect switch.

Modern setups can actually have say 8 generators, and the automation 
systems brings them online to meet the load. I think Generac makes a 
system like this. I assume the automation system brings them all into 

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