[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 64, Issue 27

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Mon Mar 24 19:45:33 CDT 2008

Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> On Monday 24 March 2008, Peter Corlett wrote:
>> I've got a half-dozen Maxtors lying around that I refuse to put in
>> any of *my* systems.
>> I gave one of the Maxtors away after giving it a once-over with DBAN,
>> and it failed within a week of real use. This can be considered
>> fairly typical for that brand.
> It depends a lot on the drive...
> I'm willing to bet that the drive that failed was one of the 
> Maxor-rebadged Quantum Fireball drives just after Maxtor bought them 
> up.

I find that amusing, because my drive of choice (for SCSI, as I wasn't
doing ATA at that time) was Quantum.  My home fileserver ran on 12
quantum 9 gig (software RAID 5) and 2 quantum 4 gig (mirror).  I had
one drive failure in 7 years of operation, and it happened when I shut down,
took everything apart, cleaned out all the dust and reassembled... and that
was likely from a static discharge.

I believe Maxtor bought Quantum for it's Atlas line of enterprise SCSI
drives IMHO.... but I don't really know of course (could have been for 

> That being said, I don't buy anything new except for 5-year warranty 
> Seagate drives anymore.  Not having a WDC drive is worth the extra 
> money to me.  However, I have yet to buy a drive since Seagate bought 
> up Maxtor.
I like the 5 year warranty.... which make Seagate and Fujitsu (at least for
SCSI) the ones to go with.  But while Segate has been OK in my experience
for reliability... they haven't been the best.... they just haven't been 
the worst.

-- Curt

> Pat

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