[rescue] a 'data' rescue

Brian Deloria bdeloria at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 15:50:49 CDT 2008

I used to store Bawls in the subfloor of the datacenter for those late night
and long hour sessions.

I'd also use to re-shuffle the floor tiles that had the vents into them,
they kept moving in front of other racks.  The datacenter we were in was
notorious for heat problems and blamed it on the building management turning
the heat on.  They'd also ignore things like customers raid arrays (multiple
customers) beeping.

I didn't feel bad when I had made a mess one time and lifted a tile to the
sub floor and taken a co2 fire extinguisher and used it as a broom to sweep
it into the sub floor.

On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 3:04 PM, Dan Sikorski <me at dansikorski.com> wrote:

> Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> > Is it still a "home datacenter" when you rent out some commercial space
> > to house your machines?  (I guess mine is more of a heated and cooled
> > storage unit with a 200A single-phase power and a T1 line run to it,
> > considering how tightly I have stuff crammed into it.)
> >
> I think that would be a "personal datacenter"  but not a "home datacenter"
> The grey area is if you have a cot in the corner.
>    -Dan
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