[rescue] Sun V210 Motherboard

Zach Lowry zach at zachlowry.net
Sun Mar 23 11:17:55 CDT 2008

As some of you may recall, I had an issue with a Sun V210 which I had  
rescued. I'm happy to report that, after a logic board swap, it's up  
and running now. However, I've begun to question my sanity about the  
whole process.

The board is model 375-3225, and was outfitted with two 1.503GHz US  
IIIis. On power-up, the ALOM would tell me that the motherboard and  
CPUs were both bad. I got a new motherboard, this time a 375-3149  
with two 1.0GHz CPUs. It powered up and worked flawlessly. Later I  
took both of the 1.503GHz CPUs and put them into a V240, and after  
some jumper configuration, got them working. I put the 1.336GHz CPUs  
from the V240 into the V210 with the new MB, configured the jumpers,  
and they're running now at 1.28GHz.

For future reference in case someone on here rescues a V210/V240 and  
decides to play CPU games with it, here are the Jumper settings for  
the various CPU speeds:

1-2 1.0GHz
1-2,3-4 1.28GHz
5-6 1.336GHz
1-2,5-6 1.503GHz

I want to say that there is a slight chance this old V210 motherboard  
works, and that maybe the cause of all the problems was just the CPU  
jumpers being set wrong. It currently has a 1.0GHz CPU in it. If  
anyone's interested, make an offer, otherwise I'll throw it up on  
eBay (or the garbage). the ALOM works at least, though there's likely  
a password of some sort to be reset.

In addition, I still have the Cisco 1751 available ($100) and a  
variety of Dell PE2550 parts (make offer). I'd trade either of those  
for Netra T20/1125 sliding rail kits, AC200 rail kits, S1 JBOD  
arrays, G3 DL380 round-hole adapter kits, G3 DL380 cable arms, or an  
AC power supply for a Netra 20 (300-1496).


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