[rescue] AS/400 in NJ

wa2egp at att.net wa2egp at att.net
Sat Mar 22 01:16:52 CDT 2008

> BTW - TCF is coming up[0], anybody plan on coming up for it? I'll have a bunch 
> of Sun UltraSPARCs and likely my collection of SGI boxes that need to be gotten 
> rid of (that would be all of them, sad to say). I got rid of a bunch of Sun 
> monitors (17" & 19" models) at the recent recycle day here, I couldn't bring 
> myself to send a bunch of Ultra 2 bases off to their fate... Yet.
> Lionel
> [0] April 25th & 26th - see: http://tcf-nj.org/web/

See you there.


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