[rescue] a 'data' rescue

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Mar 21 20:38:40 CDT 2008

A coworker of mine has put me to the task of recovering data (personal, 
not company)
from their laptop which has a failing hard drive.

I did clone it to an identical sized drive (using ghost with -ia -ib 
-fro), then used
norton disk doctor on the clone.  I got 5 G of stuff... but was looking 
for up to
6 times that.  One thing that seem to have not found the way back was 
the iTunes
library he wanted.  Oddly, the disk has almost no free space, but if you 
select all
and look at the size, it's half of what you'd expect from drive properties.

In everyone's experience out there, what are the best tools (free, 
shareware, and
commercial) for recovering data from corrupted NTFS filesystems ?  How does
diskeeper (a friend of mine has that on his system) compare to Disk Doctor.

Googling brings up page after page of people hawking shareware... 
claiming to
have done big reviews/etc, but you never see any commercial software on 
pages....  so they seem to be sites to get people to buy the shareware.  
(so I don't
trust the 'reviews').

Any advice is welcome.  I'd like to help him out on this by recovering 
as much
as I possibly can.... I don't just wan to hand him the 5G I've recovered 
and say
that's it... w/o trying some other tools as well.


-- Curt

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