[rescue] Consensys Chiliports 8 serial port ISA card

rescue at hawkmountain.net rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu Mar 20 13:13:13 CDT 2008

Anyone interested in one of these.  I have one, have the 8 port 'dongle'
that plugs into the 68 pin port on the back.

These seem to be quite expensive cards.

Only thing I don't have is the drivers and manual.

The card was pulled from a working system, so I doubt there is
a problem with the card, although I'm unable to test.

I though of ebaying it... but I don't imagine there is a
large audience out there for it.

If anyone here is interested... let me know what it is worth
to you... I have no use for it...  (it's not far away from
me pulling the SRAM chips for the parts bin and dumpstering
it (as those have value to me)).

-- Curt

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