[rescue] WTB: sdlt 160/320 lvd/se tape drive

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Mar 18 19:38:18 CDT 2008

Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 12:46:14PM -0700, stephen price wrote:
>> I'd like to upgrade my mini-library from a dlt 40/80
>> to a higher capacity drive.
> I feel that I should note that it's highly unlikely that it would be
> easy to swap out a DLT drive for a SDLT library.   The library interface
> on the two is completely different (a connector on the DLT drive vs. an
> IR port on the SDLT).
> With that said, I've managed to successfully (at least in theory :)
> convert a ATL DLT7000 library to work with an LTO tape drive and LTO
> tapes, but it required a lot of hackery, and I was lucky that the
> interface between the library and drive on that system was just
> something that connected to the LEDs and Switches front panel instead of
> the "library" connector on the drive.

I've wondered if a Dell PV122T could be converted easily from SDLT to LTO.
I'm fine with the SDLT now... but with the popularity of LTO.... may want to
go that route someday.  I know Dell offered the PV122T in DLT, VS80, SDLT,
and at least LTO1 (maybe even LTO2).  It is a Quantum SuperLoader 3 I 
(with Dell firmward/badging). 

I think I got lucky with mine in that the seller (ePay) had it listed as 
VS80 SDLT320
which made it pretty vague as to what it was).  I got a decent price 
($137.05 with
the shipping).  It was packed in peanuts (argh).  So I had to take it 
appart to
clean out peanut pieces.  Otherwise though it was very clean inside.   
So far seems
to work good too.  Only wish it had the bar code scanner.... I'd like to 
find another
122T (possibly a bad one) that had the scanner so I could snarf it and 
any connecting
cables to add to mine.  It was not an upgrade option that could be added 
later (from
Dell anyway).... it either shipped with it or didn't.

Not sure what the interface is on the 122T... I didn't pay that much 
attention, but
I think it isn't as 'simple' as lights and switches.  Might not be 
possible to go to LTO
without more 'inside' knowledge.

Did the robotics/etc in your conversion handle LTO media w/o any changes ?

-- Curt

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