[rescue] HP 700-series "Parallax Power Video" question

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezicsb at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 15:33:23 CDT 2008

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I've got a 755 and a 725 that both came up just fine.  The 755's disks
made some disconcerting sounds upon first boot, but fsck'ed fine and
both machines are alive again.  "xntpd" wasn't too pleased to jump the
clock forward 8 YEARS, and I'd forgotten just how weird and annoying
HP-UX 9.0x could be, but I'm pleased that these two machines seem to
check out fine.

In addition to standard HP graphics cards, they're both configured
with "Parallax Power Video 700" cards and I'm curious to learn how to
wire them up.  Once again, either my Google-fu wasn't up to the task
or there's just not much info out there on these things...

The cabling is pretty amazing:  the first is a "Y" splitter that looks
like a normal 15-pin VGA-type video cable, with a male end labeled
"P2" that splits out to "P3", a female connector, and "P1", another
male.  The second cable has a similar male 26-pin connector, but
breaks out into _10_ BNC, RCA and mini-DIN connectors.  Sweet!

Anyone have any experience with these?  Or can point to a definitive
source for documentation?     Both these machines also have FORE
HPA-200 ATM cards in 'em, and I think these boxes were used for
research (~10 years ago) into IP QoS for video streaming.  It'd be
nifty to see what they can do...


-- Chris

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