[rescue] net install redux

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Mon Mar 10 16:21:02 CDT 2008

i screwed up the install of sol 10 on my ultra-2, whose cdrom is dead.
so i tried to re-install using net install, as per Mike F's instructions
as of a year ago, posted on the rescue list. [i am running the install from  a blade 100 called blade.]

I started using the following when update4 of sol 10 came out, avoiding burning cds.
it worked just fine at that time.  

>Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 15:54:32 -0400
>From: Mike F <lists at ibrew.net>
>Subject: Re: [rescue] Pointers or how-to create an install server?
>For me, the easiest way is to first download the Solaris 10 DVD image 
>and cat the parts together to reassemble the DVD iso.
>Add the iso image as a loopback device:
>'lofiadm -a /path/to/solaris.iso'
>Mount the lofi device as a filesystem:
>mount -F hsfs /dev/lofi/1 /mnt
>cd /mnt/Solaris_10/Tools
>./add_install_client -i 192.168.x.x -e aa:bb:cc:dd;ee:ff machine_name 
>-i specifies the client's ip address, -e specifies the client's MAC 
>address, machine_name is the client's short hostname, and 
>machine_platform is sun4u, etc.
>add_install_client will populate the necessary files in /etc and turn on 
>all the appropriate services (through SMF.)
>repeat the add_install_client script for additional clients and 'svcadm 
>-v restart rarp nfs/server bootparams' to make sure everything is updated.


here is what i get:

blade> add_install_client -i  -e 8:0:20:79:84:ad ul2 sun4u
blade> making /tftpboot
svcprop: Pattern 'network/tftp/udp6:default/:properties/restarter/state' doesn't match any entities
enabling network/tftp/udp6 service
svcadm: Pattern 'network/tftp/udp6' doesn't match any instances
updating /etc/bootparams
copying boot file to /tftpboot/inetboot.SUN4U.Solaris_10-1

whenever i try to install on any machine,  'boot net -i install' fails with
 a failure to connect.

any clue as to what is wrong?

if not, anyone have  an ultra-2 with a good cd or dvd reader, or a good
cdrom or dvdrom which would work in my ultra2? the machine has 2gigs of ram
dual 400mh cpus 40gigs of disk, and is my best sun machine. 

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