[rescue] Netra as a router/firewall for home use

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Sun Mar 9 20:39:10 CDT 2008

On Mar 9, 2008, at 9:33 PM, Steve Sandau wrote:
> I would think you should do better than 1.2MB/s on an Ultra. My SS4  
> running OBSD is on a DSL connection and SpeakEasy's speedtest (as  
> well as download experience) says the SS4 has no problem with 3MB  
> throughput. My SS5 on the cable connection will also handle 3MB  
> download with no problem.

Back in the lab at Alteon in 1997 we ran sbus gigabit ethernet in  
Tatung Ultra 2 clones with two 333(?)Mhz CPUs. We were able to push  
800Mbits through them (fiber gigabit ethernet) OK. If we tweaked ttcp  
any further we'd hard-lock the machines.

An Ultra 1 should be able to handle about half that; at the time we  
didn't recommend putting gigabit ethernet cards in the Ultra 1-series  
although we knew it would work.


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