[rescue] A cheap flat panel display that would work good for Suns...

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Sun Mar 9 18:25:12 CDT 2008

At 06:06 PM 3/9/2008, Joshua Boyd wrote:
>Same resolution: 1280x1024.
>I'm starting to appreciate large displays, even if they are the same
>For instance, 22" is much nicer than 20" or 15".  I was shocked by
>how much just 2" made in how I felt about the resolution.

Weird.  Were you able to place the larger display farther away?

I've a strange dual setup at work: 19" and 17", both at 
1280x1024.  No real preference for one side over the other.  I do not 
let windows span both monitors, however.


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