[rescue] Netra as a router/firewall for home use

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sun Mar 9 17:26:01 CDT 2008

>> I've recently accquired a couple Netras, and was contemplating using 
>> one as
>> a firewall/router to replace my long suffering Linksys BEFW11S4.
>> Anyone have thoughts/suggestions/warnings I should heed?
> I have had problems getting OpenBSD to work well with dual NICs.  This 
> may have changed as I last tested with an Ultra2 that had 2 hme's .

I have used OBSD 3.8 through 4.2 (currently) on SS4s, 5s and 10s with 
quad ethernet cards and have seen no NIC problems. The only problems I 
have are with the Verizon DSL and cable network, and I don't think they 
are related to the Sun hardware at all. I saw the same kinds of problems 
with OBSD on an x86 box.

When I had my old job, I had a SPARC hardware on either end of a VPN 
link that extended my home network to my office. I had no problems with 
the hardware, only with the cable company's network. My connection to 
home was more reliable than the office's corporate Internet connection.

Overall I have been *very* pleased with my OpenBSD-on-old-SPARC 
firewalls and will continue to use them as long as I can.


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