[rescue] Scroll wheel mouse on Ultra60 ?

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Sun Mar 9 14:58:17 CDT 2008

On Mar 9, 2008, at 3:46 PM, Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:

> Was wondering if there is a way to get a scroll wheel mouse  
> operating on a U60.
> Ideas I had:
> 1. USB (I did install an IOGear GIF320 firewire/USB combo card)
> 2. using the Sun interface converter (I have one)
> On idea 1, how do you tell Solaris' X server to get the mouse  
> events from USB ?

Rumor has it that this just works for Solaris 10.

> On idea 2, will the firmware in the interface converter pass along  
> scroll wheel events ?
> On either idea, can Solaris' X server respond to scroll wheel events ?

Rumor also has it that this just works for Solaris 10.

I guess I will have to try attaching a USB mouse and find out if  
rumor is true.

BTW, have you confirmed that that IOGear cards works correctly  
otherwise?  I'm not trying to throw doubt on it, I just want to know  
if this is one I should add to my list of cards to look for, since  
getting non-Via cards has been a bit tricky (not impossible, but  
still tricky).

> Currently running Solaris 8, but looking to move it to 9 or 10.

For older than Solaris 10, try this:

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