[rescue] Ultra 60 memory

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sun Mar 9 09:08:51 CDT 2008

>>> What OS (Solaris in particular) would be fastest on the U60 hardware.
>> (Un?)Fortunately, I've never been masochistic enough to try using a
>> SPARC box as a workstation.
> Come on, it's not *that* bad (but admittedly, I rarely useone as a
> desktop myself ;^)...

I practically never use anything else.  SS20+cg14 at home, LX with the
VSIMM so I can run the onboard cg6 at 1280x1024 at work and at my gf's.
This is both because I like Suns and because it saves me having to do a
bunch of hacking (both hardware and software) to use a Sun type-3
keyboard on some other machine - I really like the type-3.  (Why do I
like Suns?  Nostalgia, pragmatism, and aesthetics.  Nostalgia, they're
what I went through the latter part of my larval stage on.  Pragmatism,
they Just Don't Break, at least in comparison to peecees; I've got
several of each, and the peecees account for a fraction of my hardware
problems grossly disporportionate to their numbers.  Aesthetics, I
prefer the SPARC architecture to the i386, and I *much* prefer a SPARC
to an undocumented RISC core running an x86 emulator.)

> The real bottleneck on these older machines is the video display
> options -

Only if you insist on using software that's as bloated with respect to
the video capabilities it requires as "modern" bloatware is with
respect to the CPU and RAM demands it makes.  As indicated above, I
commonly use 8bpp colour, and, so far, the only thing I've had that
break is Firefox - and that has apparently been fixed by now.  (I don't
use the Web much, and when I do it's almost always with lynx, but, at
work, there are a few internal tools with Web-only interfaces that
basically just don't support lynx.  They found one of their boxes as a
second machine for my desk so I could use them, and, naturally enough,
I tried to run Firefox displaying on my main screen instead of on the
second machine's display.)

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