[rescue] Ultra 60 memory

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Sun Mar 9 01:04:23 CST 2008

On Saturday 08 March 2008 22:23, Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
> I had 4 memory modules from an E450 (256M each I belive... with a
> think square chip
> on them too (gate array option ??? (from System Handbook)).
> Unfortunately I didn't
> note the part number.
> I put these into my U60... and I think it only sees them as 128MB
> modules.

2GB is the max, 128MB modules are the biggest you can use.  I'm suprised 
that they 256MB modules worked at all.  The 256's should only be 
supported in the E450 and 420R/Ultra 80, I think.

> What OS (Solaris in particular) would be fastest on the U60 hardware.

(Un?)Fortunately, I've never been masochistic enough to try using a 
SPARC box as a workstation.

I think the main problem is that you're expecting a 10 year old machine 
(I just looked it up on SunSolve, and the U60 was introduced in June 
1998!) to be fast with modern (bloated) software.... :)

Pat (who runs Debian on his Ultra 60(s))
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