[rescue] Ultra 60 memory

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Mar 8 21:23:05 CST 2008

I had 4 memory modules from an E450 (256M each I belive... with a think 
square chip
on them too (gate array option ??? (from System Handbook)).  
Unfortunately I didn't
note the part number.

I put these into my U60... and I think it only sees them as 128MB modules.

Looking now at the System Handbook, looks like the 256MB modules are not
supported in the U60 ( :-( ). 

Anyone know if an openboot upgrade 'opens' up the full range of these 
(despite not being supported in a U60 by Sun) ?

If that's not going to work... anyone have any 128MB modules they are 
not using ?
(I'd need 8 more to fully populate My U60).

Sadly while I was in there I dropped in a second proc that I've had 
kicking around and
it hasn't netted as much of a boost as I'd hoped.  I would have liked an 
extra kick
for Firefox... but watching vmstat, it would appear firefox does not 
make use of
multiple CPUs... maybe this will change with Firefox 3 ?

What OS (Solaris in particular) would be fastest on the U60 hardware.  It is
running 8 now... but I know I get memory leak issues in the X server 
(which clear
up some when firefox is killed and restarted... so not entirely the X 
server's fault).
Plus I'm not anywhere near up to date on patches (can they be had for 
free anymore
these days) ?

Is 9 or 10 better on a dual 450mhz U60 (for speed of desktop application 
use) ?

-- Curt

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