[rescue] Racks and Doors

Michael Thompson m_thompson at conversent.net
Sat Mar 8 15:03:59 CST 2008

Schroff makes a rack, the VARISTAR LHX20, that has a water/air heat 
exchanger in the side. The doors are sealed so all of the noise stays 
inside. The heat exchanger gets plumbed into the buildings HVAC 
system and will dissipate 20,000 Watts. They also make a -48V powered 
version for use with the Sun CT900 ATCA Blade Servers.

>ANYWAY, one question I keep forgetting to ask is, don't the doors 
>help cut down on the noise coming from the rack?   One main reason 
>I've even considered the doors was to try to quiet the whole thing 
>down a tad... since it's in my office, it would be nice.  White 
>noise doesn't really bother me, but would be nice to be quieter.
>I did a little looking on-line to see about the ventilated doors 
>they make and was wondering if I "converted" one of the two doors I 
>have to a "ventilated" one (Mr. Drill say "hi" to Mr. Door....) 
>would it basically negate the sound dampening effect of the door?
>Thanks again!!

Michael Thompson

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