[rescue] A cheap flat panel display that would work good for Suns...

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Fri Mar 7 10:58:00 CST 2008

In my new rack set up, I've got a Sun KVM, and I was thinking of getting an
inexpensive flat panel
that I could hook up to it.  Used would work, if it had a good
picture...under $100 would be just perfect...
(I know, I can dream 8-) )

The set up I have now is all 13w3 monitor cables (that's what the KVM
and I do have KVM to HD15 for VGA monitors.   I'd like something that
supports the 1152x900 resolution
I'm use to on the Suns.... but that's not a hard requirement.   I access
most of the boxes via my Mac now,
so this isn't as crucial.   But when I'm doing work on them, I do want a
reasonable size display so I can
have a "real" console.  I'd be good with a Sun flat panel that had a 13w3 if
anybody has one they'd want
to part with.....(dunno if ones were ever made like this).  I'm thinking
15inch would be the smallest I'd want
(I'm moving the nice 20inch Sony down into the "spare" pile...and saving a
bunch of desk space...and
if the rack has enough space, I'll even put this display in on a shelf and
save even MORE space...woo hoo...)

Thanks in advance


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