[rescue] Sixteen bay SATA chassis available

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Wed Mar 5 08:08:24 CST 2008

Hello all,

I've got a 16 bay SATA rackmount chassis that I honestly won't be able to use, though I have held on to it for over a year hoping I could make it useful.

It has 16 trays (four rows of 4 bays), has no locking front (so you can see all 16 trays ;^) and accepts a full ATX MB. The chassis has an older Intel MB and a Power Supply that I plan on removing before shipping (I bought a smaller chassis to stuff the bits in).

I can't imagine a price, but off the top of my head, $10/SATA tray seems like a pretty good deal, but to accomodate a "quantity discount" since you have to buy all 16 bays, I'd include shipping within ConUS for the $160 price. I don't recall that the PS in the system currently is anything special, but if it is a big, beefy PS I'll offer that to the seller as well.

I'm open to offers on this, so if you think you have a use for it and want to make an offer, please don't hold back - I'd like to see this go to use on someone's network.

The case is in pretty good condition, but it would not be confused with new - the case is complete (i.e. includes handles on front, top of chassis, etc.) and is about 4U (from memory, I'll have to dig it out to see if it really matters).

Anyway, if interested, please contact me off-list.


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