[rescue] HP9000 framebuffer

Ryan Thoryk ryan at tliquest.net
Mon Jun 30 16:31:50 CDT 2008

Hi guys - I'm wondering if anyone here has a framebuffer card lying around 
that would work in an old HP9000 D210 I have (got the machine for free 
from my boss - pics of it are here 
http://ryan.tliquest.net/pictures/Computers/HP9000%20D210/ ).  The 
machine's currently headless, and I've been trying to get XDMCP working 
properly on it, but dtlogin keeps crashing (so there's currently no way 
for me to play around in the VUE/CDE interface).  I've been 
thinking of getting an older Visualize workstation (one with a PA2.0 
cpu; PA8000+), but might rather just stick with the D210.

Ryan Thoryk
System Administrator
onShore Networks, LLC
ryan at tliquest.net
ryant at onshore.com

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