[rescue] Partial success

Robert Darlington rdarlington at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 16:29:18 CDT 2008

No!  The tray should positively retain the disc.  Just like the drives
in a laptop.  I agree it's silly to do it upside down, but I also
think putting ancient and obsolete hardware into daily use is equally

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>>>> Well, in that case, just put it in upside down :-)
>>> Won't fit the bracket that way.  Plus, slim optical drives tend not to
>>> have clips to hold the disk in when used in unusual orientations like,
>>> say, upside down.  ;)
>>No...they (99%) have spring-loaded retaining bearings/clips on the central
>>spindle.  They hold the disc in any orientation.  I don't think I've ever
>>seen one without them.
> But the issue is you'd have to hold the disc in-place as the drive tray retracts - sub-optimal for nearly all conveivable terrestial applications...
> Lionel
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