[rescue] Various Sun parts to go

Shirker shirker at mooli.org.uk
Sun Jun 22 11:04:39 CDT 2008

Hi rescuers,

The following have to go. Free for the cost of shipping from West 
Yorkshire, UK. Please mail if you want any of it.

1 x Type 5 mechanical mouse
1 x mini-DIN audio adaptor P/N 530-1702-01. Not sure which machine this 
goes with
1 x SunVideo SBUS card P/N 501-2232-01
1 x 501-2633-00 UPA card of some type (probably a Creator)
1 x unknown SBUS video card, 13W3 output, huge Bt463 chip on top of card, 
only identifying markings "(C) 1991 VISUAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, INC"
1 x SBUS Turbo XGX video card (FCC ID is GWVTGX1M, P/N is 501-2325-32)
plus another with the same FCC ID but P/N 501-2325-09 and which doesn't 
say "TURBOXGX" on the chip on top of it
1 x M48T59Y-70PCI NVRAM (believed to be the Ultra 1 type) with flat 
battery - ideal if you want to do the "file the plastic away from the end 
and attach a battery holder" hack

This stuff has about 2 weeks, then it gets junked.


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