[rescue] Sun Blade 1000 help/problems

Brock Johnson wildefire at brotay.net
Thu Jun 19 07:36:09 CDT 2008

Be sure and roll the memory with your other set just to verify but, in 
my experience, when the B1k/2k/280 starts spitting those corrected ecc 
errors before it's even started to POST, it's usually the motherboard. 
It use to be a common enough occurrence that around here we would just 
swap the motherboard no questions and deal with it back at the shop.

As far as salvaging the board, get it out of the system and pull the CPU 
shroud assembly. You can get in and examine the pin and blade connectors 
that are used for the processors. It is quite possible there is just a 
bent pin or something but you'll need to get a good visual inspection of 
the thing to have any shot at seeing one, and those pins are quite small.

Additionally, the ring torque wrenches that came with the 1000's are 
rather ill-suited to doing anything in my experience. If you're able, 
you might pickup one of the regular torque drivers that comes with the 
2000. (I believe the P/N is 250-1611)

Dr Robert Pasken wrote:
> I have a Sun Blade 1000 with 2 750Mhz cpu's and 2 gb of memory (all slots
> filled). I just picked up a pair of copper 900Mhz cpu's for $25. I 
> removed the two 750Mhz cpu's and put in the two 900Mhz cpu's following 
> the Blade 1000 service manual. I used the ring type torque wrench to 
> tighten the screws.
> When I restarted the system it failed to boot. Connecting a laptop to the
> serial port showed that I was getting "Corrected ECC" errors. I then 
> stripped
> the system of all PCI cards, all but 4 dimms in bank 0 and replaced 
> the 900 Mhz cpus's with one 750Mhz, but I am still getting the 
> "Corrected ECC"
> error. I have tried several time to re-seat the cpu's and different 
> cpu's. On
> one attempt I did get an OK prompt. I set the diag-switch? to true in 
> hopes of catching exactly what was wrong, but every power on after 
> that one success I get the "Corrected ECC" error.
> Questions:
> Did I toast the motherboard by destroying the cpu socket 0?
> Is there something I can do at this point to salvage the motherboard
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