[rescue] 611 cases & cables

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> I've thought about an upgrade to some MultiPack cases
> (6/12 SCSI boxes) to SATA - in theory, all it would take is
> a new circuit board inside the case with SATA connectors and
> that terminates in some multi-port eSATA connectors, but
> whle in my mind the upgrade is trivial (and for the right
> engineer in Sun it would likely be very trivial), here in
> the real world it would be quite hard.

It's not "hard" -- many of us have the know-how and tools
(ECAD, etc.) to do so.  The problem is it just isn't worth
while economically.  Making QTY 1 of a circuit board is
more expensive than buying a complete finished product.

And, lining up others that are interested in something
similar is just more work (and hassle) than it is worth... 

> Pity - low-cost multi-bay SATA cases could keep many of
> those cases out of the landfills/chinese recycle plants...

The amount of crap^H^H^H^H stuff -- still with serviceable
life -- that ends up discarded (not even *recycled*! :< )
is amazing.  And depressing!

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