[rescue] Moth balls

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 13 17:09:36 CDT 2008

[attributions lost]

> > I keep thinking of putting a dot matrix printer on my
> SPARC server,  
> > to log login requests - just the occasional
> grrrrrrrind to remind  
> > me of where we came from...
> For my purposes, historically speaking, something in the
> DECwriter  
> family would be more memory-full: an LA36 DECwriter II, an
> LA120  
> DECwriter III, or an LA180 DECprinter (an RO DECwriter)...

I've a Trendata 1200 (?) that I wish I had the space to
set up.  I found it even more entertaining than the ASR-33...

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