[rescue] Moth balls

John Francini francini at mac.com
Fri Jun 13 07:50:37 CDT 2008


If it has a paper-tape reader and punch, it's an ASR-33.

If it doesn't, it's a KSR-33.

The stuff on the right side just has to do with what variant of an  
ASR-33 it might be.  There were several variants over its 20+ year  

Now if only I had either a computer with a current-loop interface or  
an interface converter.  There's nothing like the sound, vision, and  
smell of an ASR-33 to bring back memories of my first days of  


On 12 Jun 2008, at 14:48, Curious George wrote:

> Hi,
> I've got an old Teletype is just taking up way too
> much space!  :-(  I plan on donating it to a local
> non-profit.  They'll eBay it and use the proceeds.
> But, I don't know what guidance to give them...
> - What it's worth (ballpark)
> - how to *accurately*/unambiguously describe it
> - whether thay should bother including the base
>  (stand) with the unit (harder to ship!)
> - what (photographic) views are appropriate
> - anything else they should add to the listing?
> I would call it an ASR-33 (as opposed to a KSR).
> But, I have seen these in so many different
> configurations (i.e., the stuff on the right side
> of the mechanism) that I'm not sure that is a
> good way to describe it  :<
> Thanks!
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