[rescue] 611 cases & cables

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 12 14:30:44 CDT 2008


I've been accumulating various/assorted "removable
media" peripherals (tape, disk cartridge, etc.)
and gluing them onto my U2.  I put each drive into
its own 611T case and add it to the chain of other
devices already attached to the machine.  As such,
I am always in need of extra 611T cases and those
nice *short* (12 inch) wide SCSI cables to tie
them together.

Anyone have any of either of these that they would
care to part with?

Of course, the SCSI busses are getting a bit *long*
(physically).  Is it, perhaps, wiser to just dig
up a couple of CD-ROM towers and stuff 7 devices
in each of those?  I imagine the power supplies in
those are sized for 7 CD-ROM drives (which have
pretty minimal power requirements).  But, I figure
I can still get by since, unlike a CD tower in
which *all* drives might be active at any given time,
only one or two would ever be running at any given
time in my case (though I would still have to ensure
the power supply could satisfy the quiescent current
needs of all devices  :< )

Any other options I should consider?


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