[rescue] SunPCi2 woes

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 22:58:06 CDT 2008


--- On Tue, 6/10/08, Mike Hebel <nimitz at nimitzbrood.com> wrote:

> > Hi THere, While I've yet to see any caps fail on
> these we've had  
> > all of our SunPci CPU fans fail (around 15+). It was
> impossible to  
> > get a replacement fan from Sun and I was unable to
> find any  
> > equivalent. I think they are quite prone to failure as
> they rev.  
> > very high and the slightest amount of dirt/ dust
> causes grief.

> I think he was talking about SunPCI II not SunPCI I or did
> you just drop the number?
> Regardless when I replaced all the SunPCI I fans in the
> U10s at $work  
> I was able to get the fans from Mouser electronics. (
> http:// 
> www.mouser.com/ )  I can't see them not having the
> right sized fan.

I doubt mouser -- or anyone else, for that matter -- would
carry a drop-in replacement for the fan.  It appears to
have been designed as *part* of the heatsink assembly
and not an "add on" (like MOST fans).

For example, the fan itself is probably about the same
size as a 40-50mm box fan.  *But*, instead of moving air
axially (like a regular fan), it moves it radially
(more like a squirrel cage fan).  I.e., it sits *beside*
(not on top of) the heatsink assembly and blows air
across the heatsink (instead of down through it).

It doesn't appear that the fan can be separated from the
rest of the plastic that holds it (though that plastic
assembly can be removed from the heatsink)
> if they use the same fan I probable still have the part
> number at $work.
> Heck, Mouser even has fans that can replace those stupid
> Cobalt fans  
> that go bad so they very probably have the right thing for
> this.

I'll check my mouser catalog but have a reasonably strong
feeling that they won't have anything suitable.  I'd like
to find something that can pick up the mountings for the
heatsink (it doesn;t use the "clip" that many intel
CPUs use) directly.


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