[rescue] SunPCi2 woes

Marc Mirza marcm at spri.levels.unisa.edu.au
Tue Jun 10 21:24:29 CDT 2008

Hi THere, While I've yet to see any caps fail on these we've had all of 
our SunPci CPU fans fail (around 15+). It was impossible to get a 
replacement fan from Sun and I was unable to find any equivalent. I 
think they are quite prone to failure as they rev. very high and the 
slightest amount of dirt/ dust causes grief.
The fix I came up with was to:
1/ remove the heatsink/fan from the SUNPCI card (4 small screws with 
springs hold these in).

2/ remove the plastic fan from the copper heatsink.
2/ using thermally conductive glue- glue a heatsink/fan combo from a 
Pentium1 style CPU onto the existing copper heatsink.
3/ Power the new fan from a spare H/Disk power connector.

Hope this helps

If all that sounds too cryptic let me know and I'll send you a picture 
of what we've done..

Curious George wrote:
> Hi,
> I pulled my SunPCi2 recently to sort out some fan noise.
> In the process, I noticed some of the electrolytics
> decoupling the processor are looking bad.  While only
> a couple look bad now, I suspect the problem will
> spread in short order.  :<
> Does anyone know if this is an isolated incident or
> part of the industry-wide "bad caps" problem?
> I can (and will) re-cap the board.  But, I am curious
> if this might be due to environmental issues and *not*
> the problem mentioned above...
> Also, does anyone happen to know of a source for 
> replacement fans for the odd-ball heatsink on these
> things?  I've tried lubricating this one but to little
> avail.
> Or, does anyone know of an alternative heat sink that
> is compatible with this sort of CPU socket?  (the adjacent
> slot is empty so I have more headroom than the current
> heatsink requires)
> Thanks!
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