[rescue] SunPCi2 woes

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 20:05:40 CDT 2008


I pulled my SunPCi2 recently to sort out some fan noise.
In the process, I noticed some of the electrolytics
decoupling the processor are looking bad.  While only
a couple look bad now, I suspect the problem will
spread in short order.  :<

Does anyone know if this is an isolated incident or
part of the industry-wide "bad caps" problem?

I can (and will) re-cap the board.  But, I am curious
if this might be due to environmental issues and *not*
the problem mentioned above...

Also, does anyone happen to know of a source for 
replacement fans for the odd-ball heatsink on these
things?  I've tried lubricating this one but to little

Or, does anyone know of an alternative heat sink that
is compatible with this sort of CPU socket?  (the adjacent
slot is empty so I have more headroom than the current
heatsink requires)


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