[rescue] RS/6000 7012 370

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Tue Jun 10 09:58:12 CDT 2008

On Tuesday 10 June 2008, Halford Johnson wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>           I am really enjoying this list so far, the discussion is
> pertinent and everyone seems to know that old does not necessarily
> mean obsolete or less useful.  I am running into a brickwall with my
> RS/6000 machine. Even google doesn't know much about using these
> beasts.  I am trying to somehow get a session with it, it turns on
> and the drive spins and ram counts, but the problem is that the first
> digit of the 3-digit LCD is broken, so I don't know what the full
> codes are it gives.  I have tried to get a serial session with it, to

Does it stop on a code?  If so, what are the last two digits?

> no avail (although my serial cable is seriously hacked together - a
> 5-cable monstrosity that may not even work).  I have tried hooking up
> a VGA monitor to the framebuffer with an IBM keyboard hooked up,
> nothing there either.  I am wondering if anyone knows if I am missing
> something?  A jumper maybe to enable VGA output or serial console? 
> Anything, I am running out of ideas and this machine is about to go
> in the "cool, but useless to me" pile....

These don't spit anything out on either serial or video console until 
pretty late in the boot sequence (well after an OS is loaded), so I 
wouldn't worry too much that they don't display anything,

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