[rescue] RS/6000 7012 370

Halford Johnson halfordjohnson at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 08:23:46 CDT 2008

Hi everyone,

          I am really enjoying this list so far, the discussion is pertinent
and everyone seems to know that old does not necessarily mean obsolete or
less useful.  I am running into a brickwall with my RS/6000 machine. Even
google doesn't know much about using these beasts.  I am trying to somehow
get a session with it, it turns on and the drive spins and ram counts, but
the problem is that the first digit of the 3-digit LCD is broken, so I don't
know what the full codes are it gives.  I have tried to get a serial session
with it, to no avail (although my serial cable is seriously hacked together
- a 5-cable monstrosity that may not even work).  I have tried hooking up a
VGA monitor to the framebuffer with an IBM keyboard hooked up, nothing there
either.  I am wondering if anyone knows if I am missing something?  A jumper
maybe to enable VGA output or serial console?  Anything, I am running out of
ideas and this machine is about to go in the "cool, but useless to me"

Hal Johnson

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