[rescue] Iris Indigo Elan - can't determine CPU speed

jodys at helluin.org jodys at helluin.org
Sat Jun 7 16:56:09 CDT 2008

On Sat, Jun 07, 2008 at 10:20:18AM -0500, Ian Finder wrote:
> Did the Iris Indigo have a mobo battery? I thought it had one of those
> dallas RTC chips with the built in battery-- you know, the kind that
> forces us to reenter the MAC addresses on our old sun machines every
> time they turn on.

The battery on the Indigo is seperate.

> Worse yet though, when you replace the internal battery, or put in
> another chip, I could've sworn you have to "bless" it so the Indigo
> takes it-- and I think the magic incantation is kinda tricky.

I replaced one about 1 year ago, nothing special needs to be done other
that the challenge of actually desoldering the thing.


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