[rescue] WTB: a small rack

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Jun 5 09:27:52 CDT 2008

> Two rail relay rack with 4x E250?
> Really?
> Bolted down, I assume...
> Lionel

Bolted to 2x4 "skis" that went behind them. One one or two fo the racks 
that had 23" deep 4u rackmount computers I cut a support board or two that 
went from the ski back up to the rack at an angle. The 4u 23" deep 
machines weren't super heavy though.

I had the Sun e250s on shelves, which were center loaded. 2 shelves, and 
each shelve had the screw in things on the front and back of the rack 
rail, so the shelves were able to handle a ton of weight. If it wasn't for 
the double sided screw in thing, I'm pretty sure the shelf would have 

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